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When Is The Best Time To List Your Charlotte NC Rental Property?

best time to list rental property, North Carolina Homes for Rent,Estate agents in Charlotte,property manager,real property management,NC Realtors, Showcase RealtyIf you own an investment of rental property in Charlotte, chances are you will have a tenant signing a lease fairly quickly, especially if you use the services of a reputable property management company like Showcase Property Management with pre-screened tenants in waiting. Here are some facts on why now is the perfect time to put it on the rental market:

1. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., Charlotte, NC continues to attract new residents and travelers each day, with no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future.  There are continuous expansions to existing Charlotte neighborhoods, to include residential and commercial developments, as well as an expansion to Concourse A North at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which is now considered the 5th busiest airport in the nation.

2. Charlotte enjoys a robust economy with continuous job growth

With a robust economy, Charlotte’s job growth rate is at 3.5% with a future growth rate of 42.29%, much higher than the current national job growth average of 1.59% and future growth of $37.98%.  It makes sense, then, that the population is expected to continue to where Charlotte may surpass its current population of 2.4 million to upwards of 2.8 million residents by 2025 in the greater metro area, and from 827.00 to at least 1.2 million within Charlotte’s city limits.

best time to list rental property, North Carolina Homes for Rent,Estate agents in Charlotte,property manager,real property management,NC Realtors, Showcase Realty

3. South End, Pollack Shores, Uptown and other Charlotte neighborhoods are top rental markets

Already in 2017, there are over 900 Charlotte homes for rent, to account for the growing trend of urban living spreading across all major metropolitan areas around the U.S.  Among the most popular Charlotte neighborhoods for renters, South End remains on top, where Pollack Shores will be building 350 new apartments in South End set for 2018.  Some of the other developments around Charlotte include Lennar Multifamily’s plans for two residential buildings in Uptown and Northwood Ravin’s high-rise on Stonewall Street.

4. Baby Boomers and Millennials rent homes near work and entertainment

Interestingly enough, the two segments of the population contributing a majority of growth in Charlotte are the baby boomers and millennials, who all want to live within walking distance of where they work and also have easy access to the rest of the city’s many activities, events, and places to eat or shop.  Charlotte remains on the top 20 list of cities where the most baby boomers will retire, and ranks 8th among major cities where millennials live.

5. Lifestyle changes are encouraging more rental choices

The types of homes for sale in Charlotte also reflect the needs of this crowd.  Baby boomers are most likely inclined to downsize to smaller dwellings if continuing to live independently past retire, or else many more of them are moving in with relatives and require more space, which often means taking advantage of new home construction, or moving into existing homes with layouts conducive to their needs or those which can more easily be renovated.  Millennials, on the other hand, are most often looking for older homes for sale in Charlotte, to take advantage of their affordability and available yard space for entertaining as their top preferences when planning to purchase their first home.

best time to list rental property, North Carolina Homes for Rent,Estate agents in Charlotte,property manager,real property management,NC Realtors, Showcase Realty


Now is the time to rent out your Charlotte home

As the data shows, now is the right time to rent out your Charlotte investment property or residence. To get your property in front of the right tenants, use Showcase Property Management. We have hundreds of qualified tenants waiting to rent out your home, and we will take care of all the details so you can build wealth and enjoy a return on investment from your rental property with ease of mind.  Our reputation with homeowners needing expert support is second to none.  From pre-screening to maintenance, we take care of business.

For more information on Charlotte property management or to buy an investment home for sale to add to your portfolio, give Showcase Realty a call at 704-997-3794 to get started today.  We have got the expertise you need to make a solid investment.

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Company In South Carolina

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Company In South Carolina

As a property management company, we have managed hundreds of rental homes for homeowners in South Carolina and North Carolina.

There are many aspects you should consider when hiring the right company to manage your rental for a valuable Return On Investment (ROI). The two most essential are a good track record on:

1. Knowing state laws; and

2. Securing the right tenants for clients

It’s a smart move to hire professionals trained and certified in the business to protect your interests; it’s also a safety measure to protect your investment and increase the value of your property.

Here are other top benefits to hiring a property management company to manage your home in the Carolinas:

Get Quality Tenants
A reliable and experienced property management company in South Carolina will have seen thousands of tenant applications in the past and will know how to identify good and potentially bad tenants. They will be able to recognize any warning signs in applications and protect you from any rental scams and discrimination lawsuits, which are a result of inconsistent screening processes.

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Company In South Carolina

Few Legal Problems
There may be some legal issues that arise with tenants; your property manager will have the knowledge to deal with any issues appropriately and effectively for you. Each manager should be fully aware of the latest landlord-tenant laws in each municipality and they will ensure that you are not left vulnerable in a potential lawsuit.

Each state or municipality has their own laws covered and these along with federal laws include but are not limited to:

Tenant screening
Rent collection
Lease addendums
Terminating leases
Handling security deposits
Safety and property conditions of the property

Shorter Vacancy Periods
With a property management company in South Carolina, you won’t have to worry about long or frequent vacancy periods for your rental property. If you’re looking for new renters, a property manager will provide suggestions for improving the property, as well as helping you to decide on an attractive and fair rental rate.  Property management companies will effectively market your property when there is vacancy, so you can quickly find new tenants to fill your home.

Tenant Retention
Tenant turnover can be a very long process if not handled properly. Tenant turnover includes tasks like installing new locks, cleaning the home, staging it and showing it again—an experienced property management company will have a smooth turnover system that gets tasks done quickly and effectively so that your new tenants can move in as soon as possible.

Look for a management company that has a good tenant retention policy that ensures your tenants stay for a very long time.

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Company In South Carolina

Rent Collection Process
It is very important that your tenants understand what is expected of them and that they know your rent dues are non-negotiable. Your property management team will serve as a middleman between you and your tenants. Your property manager can take care of conversations with your tenants, follow up on rent and even handle evictions if you need them to.

Without a property management team, you tenants might try to take advantage of you and your property. Property managers know your rights and will be able to protect you from these problems. They will also be aware of eviction laws and will take the steps necessary to protect you and your property if eviction becomes a possibility.

Increase Property Value
To maintain or even increase the value of your property, a good property management company in South Carolina will consistently perform maintenance checks on your home. These checks will help them to locate any maintenance or repair issues early, before they become worse or unmanageable in the future. They will also be able to recognize where certain areas of the home could be upgraded, and suggest modifications that will increase the property’s value for the future.

At Showcase Property Management, our experienced team is licensed to serve homeowners in North Carolina and South Carolina.  We can assist you with your rental business success for years to come! Do you have any homes for rent that you would like us to manage? We have hundreds of tenants looking for a home just like yours. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 704.997.3794 or send us a message here!

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