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A Landlord's Guide to Rent Collection

A Landlord's Guide to Rent Collection
Today, almost 18% of renters are behind in rent payments. Even worse is, the average delinquent renter owes around $5,600!While many Americans have fallen on hard times because of the pandemic, landlo... read more >>

How Income Property Landlords Can Save More Money

Save More Money If You’re Investing In A Rental Income Residential PropertyYou have invested in an income property and want it to make money. Nancy Braun, owner of Carolina Property Management, ... read more >>

The Rental Market Is Booming In The Carolinas

Watch Nancy Braun’s “Realty Reality Check” on Charlotte Today as she gives investors and landlords a snapshot of the rental market in the Carolinas. Hint: It’s booming and a pe... read more >>
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