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Lead Paint Certification Process and Requirements

Lead Paint Certification Process and Requirements

Did you know that you can find lead in drinking water

What do property maintenance companies need to get every year? That'd be lead paint certification. 

As with any certification, there are always requirements you need to get them. That includes staying certified as well. 

Having this certification will prove the company stays on top of standards. Not to mention, it'll help build customer trust. 

Want to learn more? Keep reading to get an overview of the process and requirements. 

What Is Lead Abatement?

Lead abatement is the removal of lead-based paint from homes and other buildings. As well as other lead-based hazards.

Lead-based paint was extensively used in homes and buildings built before 1978. At that time, a ban was set in place for residential settings.

Every removal job may be different. The type of abatement method used will depend on the situation.


This method involves painting over the lead-based paint with a sealant. The sealant prevents lead particles from releasing in the air. 


This method involves removing the lead-based paint from the surface. This removal happens by stripping, scraping, blasting, and vacuuming contaminated surfaces.


This method involves covering lead-based paint with new materials. These materials could be drywall or paneling. The point is that it needs to be a dust-tight barrier.

It's important to note that the enclosure method isn't a permanent option. It's more of a stopgap measure.


This method is what it sounds like. It involves removing and replacing materials that contain lead-based paint.

An example would be removing lead-painted windows and replacing them with new ones. Doors are also another standard object to replace.

Lead Paint Training Certification

Want to get a lead paint certificate? You'll first need to take a training course. This course must be an EPA-approved class.

These are some of the topics the class will cover. 

Lead Safety

This topic will teach you how to work with lead-based paint safely. You'll learn about the dangers of lead exposure and how to protect yourself.

Lead Hazards

This section of the class will discuss hazards associated with lead-based paint. You'll learn about the health effects of lead exposure. As well as how to identify potential risks in your work area.

Lead Poisoning

This section of the class will teach you how to prevent lead poisoning. You'll learn about the symptoms of lead poisoning and what to do if you or someone you know gets exposed to lead.

After completing the training course, you'll be able to take the certification exam. 

Get Your Lead Paint Certification Today

Now you know everything you need to get your lead paint certification. Lead paint certifications are essential for any property maintenance company.

Even if your state doesn't need it, certification will show that you're committed to safety. And it'll give your customers peace of mind knowing that you're knowledgeable about it. 

Do you still have questions? We have answers. Contact us for more information!